Mercer County


Welcome to Mercer County Golf

Beginning Monday September 13th, all 18 holes at Princeton Country Club will be open for play.

* New 2021 Mercer County Senior Amateur Dates *
October 27 @ Mercer Oaks West 
October 30 @ Mercer Oaks East
October 31 @ Mountain View

Mercer County Golf Aeration Dates:
Mercer Oaks West – August 16 & 17
Mercer Oaks East – August 24-30
Mountain View – August 31 & September 1
Princeton Country Club – September 8 & 9

Currently none of the golf courses offer drinking water on the golf course beside beverage carts driving around after 10am.  Please plan accordingly and bring water or you can purchase from the Snack bar / Grill room at any course.

2021 memberships are now available by clicking on our online store.  Members must register first by clicking here, register now!

After registering please go to our online store and purchase your Pass/Membership

All Mercer County Golf Courses are open. 

2021 USGA Handicap are now available, click on online store above.  All 2020 GHIN’s were deactivated on February 25th.

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